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Productivity Analysis

A fast-track solution

Our Productivity Analysis methodology allows you to quickly identify the aspects of your software development methods which can be improved and to estimate the actual value which can be realised from the results of improvement.

To assess the potential for improvement, and with input from your development team, we identify current and potential characteristics. We construct two productivity models: one based on current operations and the second after identified potential improvements have been introduced.

Productivity Analysis

At its core, our method is based on the widely-used COCOMO II software estimating model which uses the analysis of data collected from thousands of actual projects since 1981.  This empirical approach allows potential benefits to be quantified on the basis of practical experience rather than theory. The results are further qualified to reflect local factors and a pragmatic view of the scope for change.

This is a low cost, low risk exercise that can normally be completed in 5 working days; it will help you determine what, if any, changes should be made and establishes clear targets against which progress can be measured.

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