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Organisational Assessment


Before implementing change, it is clearly necessary to identify those areas which would benefit from improvement and the extent to which potential improvements would produce measurable gains.

There are many types of assessment: internal assessments can be at enterprise, divisional, departmental, geographic, functional or team levels whilst external assessments can examine relationships with customers, suppliers, subsidiaries, partners, regulatory bodies, merger or acquisition targets, and so on. Each assessment is different and the approach must be tailored to suit the circumstances and objectives.

Nevertheless, there are some basic principles which can be applied in most circumstances. Whilst the bulk of assessment activity tends to be qualitative, we strongly advocate the inclusion of quantitative methods: all change should have measurable goals and it should be possible to track progress towards these goals during implementation.

We use techniques and tools matured over many years to design and deliver effective assessments - assessments that will clarify what improvements should be made and why they are worth doing.

Organisational Assessment
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