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Assessing Merger & Acquisition Targets

If you are contemplating an acquisition or a merger with another organisation, their IT capabilities are probably well down your list of priorities. However, the IT infrastructure can be a "poisoned pill" whose cost implicatons can be overlooked - perhaps of more significance is the extent to which the target's IT operations can be incorporated with your own and, if necessary, brought up to a common standard.

Organisational Assessment is one of our core skills; we can help you specify the key characteristics that you should look for, formalise a set of standards, define aspirations for synergy and carry out the assessment itself. Areas typically covered include:

  • Positioning of IT within the target organisation
  • IT asset value
  • IT and software capabilities
  • Third-party commitments
  • Current cost of the IT organisation
  • Future cost of the IT organisation
  • Opportunities, risks and potential areas for improvement

Each assessment is tailor-made for the specific purpose but uses standard methods and templates that have been tried and tested. We naturally carry out such assessments with objectivity, discretion and in the strictest confidence. Please contact us if our services can be of help.


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