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Managing Change


Change can only be introduced at the rate at which an organisation can accept it. Introducing too much change at a time or at too fast a rate can overwhelm the organisation and cause a breakdown of process. There will always be resistance, even from those who initially support the change: change in principle is fine but attitudes can alter when the detail appears.

The attitude of participants, particularly during early or 'pilot' stages is of particular importance. People are heavily affected by their sense of where they fit within the organisation - seemingly enthusiastic supporters of the improvements can quickly become negative if this position appears to be under threat. In reality, even those who accept change readily find it much more difficult to relinquish current practice and authority.

For everyone involved, both people and the organisation, change involves both threats and opportunities. We are careful to prepare a well-designed change programme which is realistic, develops motivation for both participants and sponsors and pre-plans integration within the organisation. We use techniques to reduce individual concerns, highlight benefits and communicate effectively throughout the programme; combined with many years experience of implementing change and our pragmatic approach, we help you to significantly reduce the risk of change and increase your confidence in achieving your aims.

Change Management
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