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Business Strategy and IT


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Most organisations have strategies but more than 75% fail to execute them. IT systems can play a vital part in their realisation but they are more typically considered as an expensive means of increasing productivity, often implemented simply because they are more cost-effective than alternative approaches.

Competitive Advantage

Business strategies quite naturally tend to focus on increasing competitive advantage; at a minimum, current market position must be protected - your competitors won't stand still - but the aim will usually be to increase competitiveness and market share.

As a result, strategies tend to be described in terms of market differentiators - the characteristics that make you more attractive than the competition, such as pricing, quality, responsiveness etc. - but to realise these strategies, the enterprise must have or develop the capabilities to make it possible. The actual capablities that are critical, the "core competencies", are not always evident and decisions which determine the means of execution are commonly based on inadequate information.

Core Competencies

Core Competencies are founded on three types of resource - Process (organisational competency), People (human competency) and Technology. All three must collaborate to establish a truly effective organisation that can actually deliver on its strategies. The ability to identify and enable these collaborations is at the heart of what we do.

fcsl are dedicated to promoting the recogition of IT as a cornerstone of business strategy. We do not believe in technology for technology's sake and do not confine our activities to IT-related issues. We see the huge opportunities that the introduction of well-designed systems can bring, but within the context of an enterprise as a whole. As Percy Barnevik, CEO of ABB remarked, "All companies are in the IT business today. The difference lies in how well or badly they use the technology."

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